About Us
Nanuka Digital Solutions
About Nanuka Digital Solutions

Nanuka Digital Solutions is a Digital Signage, Retail Information Technology and Security Solutions system provider. Our company provides a range of retail consulting services, customer training, installation, maintenance, project management, training courses and professional support in related areas, such as analytics, networking and operating systems and developing and implementing custom-tailored solutions for large and mediums sized companies.

Why Choose Nanuka
Innovation & Flexibility

Projects are tailored to meet the specific needs of each and every client, based on a thorough exploration of their business processes and objectives. Your organisation is unique – our creative solutions for improving your customer satisfaction and retention will be a perfect fit.

Exceptional Client Services & Responsiveness

Nanuka Digital Solutions was created to help our clients cultivate exceptional customer service, so this is our first priority for our employees as well.

Actionable & Concise Reporting

You don't want or need a manifesto packed with incomprehensible data. Our reports truly set us apart from the competition – we take great pride in creating concise, easy-to-interpret reports that allow our clients to immediately take action towards improving customer satisfaction and retention.

Unique solutions

As every retail store is unique all the solutions can be integrated to existing businesses models without interrupting daily business.

Technology & Quality

Nanuka Digital Solutions leverages state-of-the-art technology. Our processes are extremely efficient and produce the highest quality outputs available.

Reasonable Pricing

Sophisticated and effective analytics solutions need not be expensive. Efficient technologies and low overhead allow us to offer competitive pricing to our clients to both our enterprise and SME customers.