Nanuka Media
Unlocking advertisers’ insights to value
The Complete Consumer Experience
Gaining insights through our edge devices while communicating omni-channel
Gain visibility faster and deeper insights: real-time analytics of viewers’ behaviour and deciphered in an easy to use big data BI tool.
Understand who and how many shops in which area or zone and maximise the return on your advertisement investment.
Understand and gain a detailed understanding of your viewers or customers’ behaviour and their buying preferences in the physical retail space.
Gain insights of who and when is your visitor coming in, turning these insights into action through targeted advertising OHH campaign to drive ROI.
Help brand owners merchandise their product promotional offerings at the right time through valid time-based traffic flow data.
Link to POS, ERP and CRM data to target key relevant segments during busiest traffic hours.
Allow viewers to interact, collect digital information, opt-in for promotions, loyalty programs and coupons over mobile/wifi.
Understand and improve customer awareness and loyalty through targeted marketing; whether it is digital signage, print, OOH or integrated wifi/mobile.

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How do we compliment OOH?

Successful digital out-of-home advertising campaigns start with a deep knowledge of consumer mindset and location relevance.

Nanuka covers Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising that appears in shopping centres, malls and office tower foyers, along the side of, or nearby to a road. Interior of public transportation vehicles or stations (buses, trains, trams, taxis, commuter rail, subways, platforms, terminals) or airports.

We ensure that your OOH campaigns are installed on time and maintained throughout the campaign period. We provide a detailed yet simple analysis of your out-of-home advertising performance and quickly respond to trends with adjustments in messaging and placement – by using data such as traffic flow and patterns, demographics and consumers emotions.

Nanuka Media works with you to ensure a seamless switchover from one advertisement message to the next and amplify your brand’s message by creating a deeper level of engagement with the on-the-go consumers.

Enable effective communication
Unique software with a breadth of capabilities in a single edge device
Visitor Counting

Extend the full potential of your visitor traffic to get an accurate data of the relative importance of sales and visitor aspects on your business.

Digital Signage

Coordinate and manage your content for all OHH campaign from a single dashboard. Control your message and change it anytime and anywhere.

Out-of-Home Advertising

Engage the reach and effectiveness of your marketing messages in real-time, according to the time of the day or a particular event.

Mobile Advertising

Reach out to your potential customer by communicating and sharing your message to the right customer at the right time in a right way.

ROI for Offline

Connect viewers/shoppers to local stores by delivering an informative and better in-store customised experience to consumers.


Understand your customers and gain better insights into the real-time intent of each of them.