Nanuka Property
Maximise the value of your workspace through our data acquisition.
Gain visibility of your customers to have a better insight.

Achieve the highest-possible level of visitor conversion and increase your shop sales.

In-store analytics to understand customer behaviour in the physical retail store.

Nanuka Media
Reliable and accurate detection toward you customers in any location.
Captures opportunity and tracks seasonality impact in real time.

Centralised content management to position targeted ads.

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How do we compliment OOH

Nanuka covers Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising that appears in shopping centres, malls and office tower foyers, appears on the side of, or nearby to a road. interior of public transportation vehicles or stations (buses, trains, trams, taxis, commuter rail, subways, platforms, terminals) or airports.
Making informed decisions about how best to position your message for the greatest impact on your targeted audience.
Using data such as traffic flow and patterns, demographics and consumers emotions – provide a detailed yet simple analysis of your out-of-home advertising performance and quickly respond to trends with adjustments in messaging and placement.
Allows you to ensure a seamless switch over from one message to the next, installed on time, and maintained throughout your campaign.

Features & Benefits
Workspace utilisation

Using our Lynx Edge Devices, we help you to gain an in-depth understanding of the way any work space is utilized and help your organisation make informed decisions - and maximise the value of your workspace through our data acquisition.

Draw rate to maximise traffic flow

Evaluate the traffic flow in which section of the building by the hour and determine the highs and lows in space utilisation and traffic patterns. Avoid unnecessary cold-spots or bottlenecks.

Virtual fencing to navigate employees’ collaboration styles

Quantify local and transient workspace demand around workspace sites and benchmark performance by understanding your employees work/collaboration preferences either demographic or group clusters.

Easy to use dashboards and interactive visualisation

We provide easy-to-use, fast to access dashboards and interactive visualisations – to simplify the process of identifying trends and inefficiencies, both company wide and at individual locations.

Dwell time

Assess how an employee work pattern vary, by industry or by department - benchmarking the average time in videoconferencing or discussion – and reconfigure and repurpose existing real estate to the productivity and density of a workspace

Zoning to improve productivity

Facilitates workspace zoning in order to optimise the employee productivity - understand how can workspace increases collaboration efforts and reduces employee absentee?

Substantiate the value of each work-space

Substantiate the value of each workspace with up-to-date traffic patterns of the workspace by demographic clusters, by people count or by day/month/ year when negotiating a new lease term with new clients.

Focus on key KPIs that matter to your mall operations

Assess the overall performance of your mall such as measuring the responses to a promotion, store visit and sales conversion rates to highlight trends and missed opportunities.

Hibernate unused space

We enable companies to hibernate underutilised space to ensure overflow workspace is unavailable for booking until other areas are fully occupied.

Active energy management

Track when, and where excess energy is being consumed, track space utilisation trends to uncover inefficiencies, and implement active energy control systems to eliminate unnecessary consumption.