Nanuka Retail Analytics
End to end digital retail solution
How Nanuka Retail Analytics can help you
Providing better insight for retailers of their “Shoppers In-store”

Nanuka retail analytics is a scalable solution technology that produces valuable data. The solution empowers retailers to quickly identify challenges and hidden opportunities to increase marketing ROI. Nanuka Retail Solution offers industry insights – not only to sell more products, but also to build brand equity, develop customer loyalty and transform consumers into spokespersons for your products. Through the utilisation of our retail analytics, retailers can gain now gain better insight of its store’s service level, sales performance and operational efficiency, thus increasing sales conversion, with improve customer retention and better bottom line performance.

Retail Analytics solutions for your organization role
manage a portfolio of stores to drive marketing agility and higher
Sales Performance within Store
For Store Manager

Shopper Experience within Store
For Product Manager, Marketing Manager, Research Manager

Organization overview

Pre-integrated Platform
to help businesses unlock value from data
Nanuka Video Analytics
An intelligent and effective detection software. It can monitor and analyse the statistics and seasonality of the customers’ traffic in any locations.

Nanuka Scorecard
Our easy to use scorecard data can help your business to gain a detailed understanding of your visitors and their buying preferences and tailor your communication strategy for each location.

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Features & Benefits
People count and age/gender - Your key asset

Nanuka helps you to understand who and how many shops in which locations and maximise the return on your investment by assessing demographic profiles of your best performing stores and benchmarking against them.

Virtual fencing to navigate customer demand

Our innovative and cutting edge virtual fencing feature provides a detailed understanding of your customers and their buying preferences either by product category or brands. This can be used to quantify local and transient demand around sites and benchmark performance.

Productive hours to maximise sales impact

We identify products or category with the greatest concentration of customers by time of the day/by the day/by the week and measure a proportion of shoppers walking through a category to impact and then onto purchase. The aim is to improve sales performance, achieve the highest-possible level of shop sales at any given day.

Draw rate to maximise sales

Nanuka helps you understand who buys which products in which locations, which aisle and which category to help you target your marketing during peak hours.


Nanuka can help you to evaluate your current product mix, as well as identify opportunities to develop cross-selling by location. We can assess whether your customer offer is appropriate and develop targeted promotional strategies.

Dwell time

With our dwell time feature, we can help you to assess how a product or promotional impact vary, by area of the store or by location. We calculate average time in store and ratio of displays seen to actual product purchases and proportion of shoppers.

Customers and Digital media - Enhanced shopping experience

We help you to profile your customers to understand their media preferences and tailor your communication strategy for each location. We apply this knowledge to your choice of media to target your marketing more effectively, increase shoppers dwell time by engaging them within the store in order to improve response and increase sales.

Focus on key KPIs that matters to you

We focus what matters to you. We profile your customers before and after marketing activity to identify whether you have reached your target audience and can also assess the overall performance of your stores such as measure number of product interactions, product purchases and store conversion rates to highlight trends and missed opportunities.